Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can you crash into a autonomous driving car?


Both Google and Volvo recently released videos of their self driving cars. As a commuter who drives 800 km (500 miles) each week i would love to get into one of those so i can spent 8 hours a week on something fun. Dont get me wrong, i like driving but 800 km of the same commute every week doesn't count as time spend useful.

After watching both Google's and Volvo's self driving car videos i am supper exited about the future of driving and the advantages and changes this will bring. I am confident it will be possible to make a car that drives to regular traffic without problems. However lets take this into extremes.

Driving 800 km each week makes me think of all the dangers i am exposed to while driving and i have had some dangerous situations. I even had some small collisions.
Most dangerous situations occur when one ore more road users are acting unusual and putting other road users in danger. Only then things tend to go wrong.

Seeing the self driving cars video's the cars are driving to normal traffic without any problems abiding by the same rules as the other cars. But what will happen when there are drivers on the road that break those rules.
What will the autonomous vehicles do then? Do Google and Volvo test these scenarios?

Lets take this to extremes; Say you and you autonomous car are driving on the highway when you are overtaken by another car. When the car is besides you it suddenly tries to ram you. What will you car do? Probably evade. But what if you are in a tunnel and there is no room? Slow down? What is there is a car behind you? Speed up. What is there is also a car in front of you?

What will the car do when a collision is unavoidable? This is something i would like seeing tested. Preferably by the mythbusters. Let Google give the mythbusters two autonomous driving cars end see how far they get.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to manage our digital lives and privacy?

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In the modern age people face growing challenges of managing their digitized lives. With new gadgets and the internet of things just around the corner how can we manage and control our expanding digital dependency and still be able to have time to engage with life itself?

In the future the management of a single human communications between all the devices he uses and services he interacts with will take up a lot of time and effort. Making sure only the right people can access you photo's, the right store gets your grocery store, setting the right temperature in you house at just the right time, getting you car when you need it, playing you favorite tune in the shower etc.

Our lives can become more and more automated and customized to our preferences and needs but the right information needs to be put into place before you can benefit. This will be a huge task that needs to be automated. We need the assistant of an Artificial Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant (AI-PDA).

Not only will the AI-PDA be able to help organize our lives it will also be able to take back ownership of some parts of our lives we outsourced because there is no other alternative. The AI-PDA will store the data you own and grand access to persons you want to access certain parts of your data.

The AI-PDA will have a circles of privacy according to the sensitivity of the data stored within. There can be an "friends-only" circle where information is visible to people you regard as friends. There can be a medical circle, family circle, spouse circle etc.
Nobody can access the data in you circles until you grand access via the AI-PDA. Because you own the data managed by the AI-PDA there will also be a private circle no one can access, not even the government with a warrant. You can also set rules to release information to certain people when you die, or to delete every data file when you die.

Life logging
The AI-PDA will also keep a record of everywhere you have been and how you held. Along with all you bodily functions it will keep a detailed record that is available when you need it.
The AI-PDA also provides easy access to find out where you were on a certain date or when you participated in an activity

When you are in an accident you AI-PDA can signal for help and provide the emergency cervices with the information they need to ensure you best survival chances. According to the privacy settings the AI-PDA only grants access to your medical information the persons that are eligible for this information. It can even do so without you consent in case of an emergency.

When you purchase a song or movie you can only watch it on devices authorized to play the file. Changing devices can be frustrating because sometimes you have to purchase you favorite song again. The same goes for subscribed media services. Once you have told service A just what you like you cannot change to service B without starting the learning process all over again.

With the AI-PDA you only have to purchase you favorites once and teach it just what you like only once. You can play you media from any device and it will pass on your preferences to any media service you want, while adjusting as you go and discover.

Unlimited possibilities
The possibility of the AI-PDA are endless. It can automate you whole life for you, keeping track of the events that take up allot of time but aren't that important and keep your personal data safe. As a result you will have time to enjoy life to the fullest.


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Play with digital LEGO like you would with analog LEGO

LEGO SAVIGA is an exceptional experience. SAGIVA is you very own island made out of digital legos. The more you build the more minifigures will come to live on you island and interact with the structures you build. On SAVIGA you can create anything you want and interact with it like you intended. Whether you build cars, robots of flying machines, they work!

Watch the LEGO SAVIGA trailar

Goal of the game
The game takes place on a random generated island where you arrive with the goal to cultivate the island and create a new civilization.

In order to create a new civilization you need to build houses and create jobs. This will attract new minifigures that start living on the island.

Besides houses you can also build offices, restaurants, shops etc. everything a society needs. The player can decide on the look and era of the society, whether you build medieval or twentieth century underground of futuristic. If you can build it minifigures will live there.

Rawbricks creates your building bricks
Before you can build houses you need to make bricks. And to make bricks you need “rawbricks”. Rawbricks are the raw materials you need to create all the bricks you need.

You can find the rawbricks hidden in mines around the island and you have to harvest them. When you have harvested enough rawbricks you can build machines to harvest them for you. The more minifigures live on you island the more rawbricks you can find and harvest.

When you destroy a structure the brick from that structure become available for you to pick-up and reuse for another structure.

Figure 1. Harvesting rawbricks with a simple pickaxe.
Game modes
The game features two modes, a building-mode and an interactive-mode. In the building-mode you can build anything you want as long as you have enough rawbricks.
In interactive-mode you can interact with your builds e.g. drive the car, open doors and windows, fly the helicopter etc, etc.

The more buildings and infrastructure you build the more citizens arrive on the island. When there are enough citizens you can hire building crews to build buildings for you.

How to get models in the game
You can build everything you want in the game itself but there will be several other ways you can get models into the game.
• Via LEGO digital designer
• Via mobile versions of LDD
• LEGO model marketplace
• Purchased models in real life

When you design a model in LDD (computer and mobile versions) you can transfer that model to to SAVIGA and a building crew can build it for you. The building crew will take a percentage of the rawbricks that would have gone into creating the model if you would have done it yourself.

Figure 2. Building a house with bricks in building mode.
Trade models in the marketplace
When you have created a structure in SAVIGA you can trade it in het LEGO marketplace. For a percentage of the rawblocks costs you can let anyone use the structure in their own game.

Trading in the marketplace will get you more rawbricks so you can create more structures in the game.

Use real life models in game
If you buy a new model in real life, a code on the box unlocks the model so you can play with it in your digital playground as well as you own room.

When you build a garage you can store your cars there. Any car you acquire in the marketplace or build a tablet app will also be available there so you can ride it in game.

Figure 3. Landscape overview early in the game. Notice the waterfall and the cloths on the minifigure.
Visiting a friend's SAVIGA world
LEGO SAVIGA will not be multiplayer. You can co-create via the marketplace and trade structures.
There could be a “visiting” mode where friends can visit each other’s islands as “read only” so they cannot change anything but can interact with everything and explore the friend’s island. The visiting modes can be a great feat for creating in game video’s where different friends can play different roles in a story.

The game will not feature any money, guns or monsters, however I am considering the use of explosions because blowing structures up can be fun and will help speed up remoddeling.

Figure 4. Landscape overview further in the game. Notice the waterfall is still there but the landscape around it has been changed. The outfit of the minifigure has also been changed.
Figure 5. Game view driving a car. Notice the waterfall is still there but the landscape around it has been changed. The outfit of the minifigure has also been changed.
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