Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to manage our digital lives and privacy?

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In the modern age people face growing challenges of managing their digitized lives. With new gadgets and the internet of things just around the corner how can we manage and control our expanding digital dependency and still be able to have time to engage with life itself?

In the future the management of a single human communications between all the devices he uses and services he interacts with will take up a lot of time and effort. Making sure only the right people can access you photo's, the right store gets your grocery store, setting the right temperature in you house at just the right time, getting you car when you need it, playing you favorite tune in the shower etc.

Our lives can become more and more automated and customized to our preferences and needs but the right information needs to be put into place before you can benefit. This will be a huge task that needs to be automated. We need the assistant of an Artificial Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant (AI-PDA).

Not only will the AI-PDA be able to help organize our lives it will also be able to take back ownership of some parts of our lives we outsourced because there is no other alternative. The AI-PDA will store the data you own and grand access to persons you want to access certain parts of your data.

The AI-PDA will have a circles of privacy according to the sensitivity of the data stored within. There can be an "friends-only" circle where information is visible to people you regard as friends. There can be a medical circle, family circle, spouse circle etc.
Nobody can access the data in you circles until you grand access via the AI-PDA. Because you own the data managed by the AI-PDA there will also be a private circle no one can access, not even the government with a warrant. You can also set rules to release information to certain people when you die, or to delete every data file when you die.

Life logging
The AI-PDA will also keep a record of everywhere you have been and how you held. Along with all you bodily functions it will keep a detailed record that is available when you need it.
The AI-PDA also provides easy access to find out where you were on a certain date or when you participated in an activity

When you are in an accident you AI-PDA can signal for help and provide the emergency cervices with the information they need to ensure you best survival chances. According to the privacy settings the AI-PDA only grants access to your medical information the persons that are eligible for this information. It can even do so without you consent in case of an emergency.

When you purchase a song or movie you can only watch it on devices authorized to play the file. Changing devices can be frustrating because sometimes you have to purchase you favorite song again. The same goes for subscribed media services. Once you have told service A just what you like you cannot change to service B without starting the learning process all over again.

With the AI-PDA you only have to purchase you favorites once and teach it just what you like only once. You can play you media from any device and it will pass on your preferences to any media service you want, while adjusting as you go and discover.

Unlimited possibilities
The possibility of the AI-PDA are endless. It can automate you whole life for you, keeping track of the events that take up allot of time but aren't that important and keep your personal data safe. As a result you will have time to enjoy life to the fullest.


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