Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can you crash into a autonomous driving car?

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Both Google and Volvo recently released videos of their self driving cars. As a commuter who drives 800 km (500 miles) each week i would love to get into one of those so i can spent 8 hours a week on something fun. Dont get me wrong, i like driving but 800 km of the same commute every week doesn't count as time spend useful.

After watching both Google's and Volvo's self driving car videos i am supper exited about the future of driving and the advantages and changes this will bring. I am confident it will be possible to make a car that drives to regular traffic without problems. However lets take this into extremes.

Driving 800 km each week makes me think of all the dangers i am exposed to while driving and i have had some dangerous situations. I even had some small collisions.
Most dangerous situations occur when one ore more road users are acting unusual and putting other road users in danger. Only then things tend to go wrong.

Seeing the self driving cars video's the cars are driving to normal traffic without any problems abiding by the same rules as the other cars. But what will happen when there are drivers on the road that break those rules.
What will the autonomous vehicles do then? Do Google and Volvo test these scenarios?

Lets take this to extremes; Say you and you autonomous car are driving on the highway when you are overtaken by another car. When the car is besides you it suddenly tries to ram you. What will you car do? Probably evade. But what if you are in a tunnel and there is no room? Slow down? What is there is a car behind you? Speed up. What is there is also a car in front of you?

What will the car do when a collision is unavoidable? This is something i would like seeing tested. Preferably by the mythbusters. Let Google give the mythbusters two autonomous driving cars end see how far they get.