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Nitrile vs Viton® - What is the Difference? | Polymax Blog

5/2/2016· As Viton® properties are quite different from nitrile rubber properties. It is crucial to consider the pros and cons of both materials, specifically in the context of their appliion. You can also consult our chemical compatibility guides or call Polymax on 01420 472000 for more information. This entry was posted in Viton® O-rings, Nitrile

New-Line Hose & Fittings

1-800-661-2208. [email protected] 9415 189th St - Surrey, BC. Our Loions. Request for Information. Request a alog. Employment Opportunities. Customer Feedback. Request an …

Chapin 3.5 Gal. Industrial Viton Concrete Open Head

Tubing and Hose: Fittings: Our plastic tubing & rubber hose is available in many different configurations to suit a wide variety of appliions.: We offer a good cross section of plastic and metal fittings, couplings and connectors to efficiently connect our tubing & hose products.: Clamps & Accessories: Custom & Fabriion: To complete a tubing or hose installation, the …

Gallery - Mining Hose | Custom Built Hose Manufacturers

Gallery. Take a look at some of our latest projects and products! 900mm Dredge Hose. Inspecting 900nb Mining Hose. Cement Unloading Hose. Dewatering Pump Station. Dredge Trunnion Hose. Mining Flexihose. Mining Flexihose.

CCAA Guidelines for Delivery of Bulk Cement

coupling used with a pressure hose to connect between the bulk tanker discharge and silo fill pipe. Cementitious materials – materials including general purpose cement, flyash, ground granulated blast furnace slag and blends of these materials. Dust filter or dust collector – a device for removing particulate

Static Electricity on Hoses - Causes, Hazards and Prevention

Static Electricity on Hoses - Causes, Hazards and Prevention Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter Strips Decayed Concrete on Haifa Pier The Aqua Cutter 710V is the first hydrodemolition robot to be used in Israel by Maagan and was delivered during the project organization stage.

Bottom Hose Loading Station | Emco Wheaton

Bottom Hose Loading Station The Bottom Hose Loading Station enables efficient loading and unloading of tank trucks with simultaneous loading of up to five products plus a vapor arm. The loading station is designed to enable a totally flexible operation and unrestricted cross-over of all arms and is equipped with our D2000 swivel joints to ensure a long service life.

Viton® Tubing - VITON TUBING - Order Online

Features of Viton® Tubing (aka VITUBE®) Made of 100% pure Viton, a high performance synthetic rubber. Excellent temperature resistance: -40°F to 400°F continuously; 600°F periodically. Offers the widest range of fluid and chemical resistance of any commercial rubber. Excellent resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids.

Renewable Diesel Handling Design, Loading, and

These will typically be self-draining carbon steel unloading arms or hoses. Connections can be flanged, may use a hammer union, or a quick acting coupler. Each arm will be rated at 150lbs and use Viton seals: Renewable Diesel Loading Gangways and Safety Cages

Aluminum Camlock Couplings For Tankers Loading Unloading

Used in many different industries and appliions, Cam Lock Hose Connectors which include the term Cam Lock Quick Connect, are very useful when connecting or disconnecting pipe, tubing or hose. In addition to the standard Aluminum Cam Lock Coupling, When selecting the proper Cam and Groove Couplings, it is important to be mindful of the chemical compatibility of the …

Butadiene Handling Design, Loading, and Installation

The current best loading practice is to use a 3″ chemical hose or a carbon steel loading arm with quick-acting coupling, often in the form of Hammer Unions with stabber pipe. The chemical hose or loading arm will have a top inlet with a control valve to ensure that it is self-draining after use and is supported along the length of a mechanical loading arm to improve handling; this is …

Oil and Gas Hose Industry - CavMac

CavMac Hose Asselies are used for the safe transport of a wide range of liquids in the oil and gas industry. These include hydrocarbon products with aromatics contents up to 100% as well as chemicals for oil and gas processes, drilling processes, waste liquids and aviation fuel.

Bulker Unloading Cement Fly Ash Rubber Hose -

Fly Ash Rubber Hose:Appliion: Fly Ash Rubber Hose,tank, truck, Bulker loading/unloading or in-plant transfer of dry bulk cement, sand, lime, slurry etc.,

Camlock Fittings - Tubes International

CAMLOCK couplings are made of aluminium, brass (bronze), AISI 316 stainless steel, polypropylene reinforced with fibreglass. Available in a size range from 1/2″ to 8″ (DN13 to DN200). The couplers and adapters are available with BSP and NPT and male thread, with a serrated hose tail and with a smooth one to fit a safety clamp, with

Custom Material Handling Hoses | Custom Advanced

This hose is used for truck and train car unloading of abrasive products such as dry cement, silica, salt and fertilizers. Dredge Sleeves Designed to resist the rugged conditions incurred during dredging operations.

20-Inch Manway Nozzle Gasket Black Viton A: General

Salco Products (TC20NGVA) 20-Inch Manway Nozzle Gasket is made out of Black Viton A with a durometer hardness of 75± 5 Shore A. The gasket is 5/16 of an inch thick, 20-inches in diameter, and has an overall height of 2-1/4-inches. Includes two securement tabs, 180 degrees apart, with a 3/16 of an inch hole for easy securement to manway.

Viton™ High-Performance Fluoroelastomers

Products made with Viton™ fluoroelastomers retain their flexibility, shape, and seal when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. Viton™ FreeFlow™ extrusion process aids also improve processing, increase output, and reduce waste. Featured Industries. Demanding environments require components that can perform without downtime or breakdown.

3" Viton FKM Flange Gasket - 1/8" Thick FKM Gaskets – PRM

Viton® Flange Gasket FKM gaskets resist boric acid, citric acid, isopropyl alcohol, fuel, oil, and transmission fluid. Full-face gaskets cover the entire face of flat-surface pipe flanges and align with the bolt holes. Full Face 1/8" Thick Viton® Gasket ANSI Class 150 compatible with low-pressure pipe flanges Use with PVC or Metal Flanges Color: Black Temperature: -15° to 400° F

Viton™ Fluoroelastomer Products | Viton™ Fluoroelastomers

Products made with Viton™ high-performance fluoroelastomers last longer and retain their flexibility, strength, and shape in the most extreme environments. Their durability and reliability ensures higher performance, less downtime, and a competitive advantage for designers and engineers using Viton™ fluoroelastomer products.

1-1/2" Solenoid Valve NPT (304 Stainless Steel) 120 VAC, Viton

SOLENOID VALVES, 304 STAINLESS STEEL, 120 VAC COIL, VITON SEAL, NORMALLY CLOSED PRM Solenoid Valves are designed to handle the most demanding fluid control appliions. Solenoid valves operate on electricity to automatically start and stop flow. The actuator is directly mounted to the valve body to minimize movement and reduce wear. Solenoid Valves …


2/7/2012· Cement Cement shall be stored at the work site in a building or a shed which is dry, leak proof and moisture proof. The building or shed shall have minimum nuer of windows and close fitting doors which shall be kept closed at all times except during loading and unloading.

Logistics Safety Guideline Loading and Unloading of Trucks

Loading or Unloading product which may roll is a significant risk on sites with slope along the truck. Always stand uphill and/or away from the direction of any product movement. Don’t stand on the down hill side! Side Slope Loading or unloading when the trailer is on a side slope is always a significant risk. If the side slope is

Parts & Accessories for Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite

CPVC cement/ glue. Hoses, Transfer. Monel. 1" X 6'' Cl 2 metallic transfer hose. 1" 3000# handlebar union w/ Viton O-ring. typically used for Cl 2 hose appliion. Windsock. Windsock typically used for safety evacuation direction. Pipes, Hoses & Fittings 2" sch. 80 PVC pipe typically used in sodium hypochlorite, lines. PVDF Pipe. 1" Red

Drum Pump Discharge Hoses & Hose Reels - Grainger

Drum pump discharge hoses and hose reels are accessories for managing fluid output from a drum pump. Also called discharge tubing, drum pump hose attaches to the pump''s outlet to direct fluid safely away as it exits the pump. Hose reels provide storage for lengths of discharge hose to help prevent kinks and tangling.

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Real Solutions for Real Challenges. Dixon is committed to delighting our customers by being the easiest company they do business with every day. Dixon is a premium provider of fluid transfer solutions for a wide range of market sectors with office and distribution centers across Australia, Singapore, and China to deliver our products when and

What''s the Difference Between Viton and EPDM Seals?

14/2/2017· Despite seeming like a small detail, a valve\\''s O-ring material is very important. The material can dictate the temperature tolerance of a seal. It can also give the seal certain chemical resistances, with some types of rubber being compatible with difference fluids. Two common materials for true union ball valves are Viton and EPDM. Viton (shown in image on the right) is …

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