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UL Listed to transfer Sulfuric Acid at a max concentration of 50% at 120 F. Dimensions: 38" x 1.5" Acid safe construction Do not use with alkali, acetic acid (30%), or methyl alcohol PVC pump barrel and shaft Viton valves and seal Discharge hose material

Gasket Recommendations for Sulfuric Acid Appliions

21/4/2020· Of the sulfuric acid gasket solutions provided by the compatibility tool, we typically recommend the Durlon® 9000 Step Ring Gasket as the ideal choice for all chemical concentrations when using Mondi® piping. Our ability to manufacture Durlon® step gaskets as one piece, rather than multiple sections bonded together, allows the gasket to maintain critical …

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Industrial Hose Division T Strongsville, OH MATERIAL HANDLED COMPATIBILITY Acetic acid, dilute, 10% B Acetic acid glacial C Acetic acid anhydride I Acetone X Acetylene C Air 68°F (20°C) A Sulfuric acid, 10% X Sulfuric acid, 11% - 75% X Sulfuric acid, 76% - 95% X

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Pumping Hydrochloric Acid - Verder Liquids. An industrial hose type material such as EPDM will handle more dilute concentrations such as 20-30%. Although the acid will corrode the hose, it is expected to fail mechanically before the pump can breakdown chemically.

Sulfuric Acid Resistant Alloys

10/2/2017· Soft or semi-hard rubber linings handling 50% sulfuric acid room temperatures, and neoprene handling 70% at 120 F are quite popular in sulfuric service. As for coatings, baked-phenolic and coal-tar materials are usually recommended because of good resistance to sulfuric corrosion, abrasion and erosion.

CONTINENTAL Material Hose, 3/8 in Hose Inside Dia., 25 ft

Item Material Hose; Hose Inside Dia. 3/8 in Hose Length 25 ft; Hose Tube Material Nylon; Hose Cover Material Nitrile; Hose Color Black; Max. Working Pressure @ 70 F 750 psi; Safety Factor 4:1; Temp. Range 0 Degrees to 190 Degrees F; Standards RMA Class A; Hose Configuration Coupled Assely; Not Recommended Chemicals Acetic Acid (Glacial), Acetic Acid 20%, Acetic Acid …

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Alfagomma Chemical Hose. Alfagomma chemical hoses allow suction and transfer service for a variety of chemicals and acids. These hoses will handle 98% of existing chemicals. Send Your Documents For RFQ.

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Choose from our selection of acid hose, including soft tubing for chemicals, hard tubing for chemicals, and more. In stock and ready to ship.


Aluminum Hydroxide Cellosolve Acetate Glycols Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Cyanide Aluminum Sulfate (Conc.) CesIum Salts Glycolic Acid (30%) Sulfuric-Nitric Sodium Dichromate (Sat.) Alums (All Types Conc.) Chloride Water (Sat.) Grape Sugar (Sat.) Picric Acid (1%) Sodium Ferricyanide (Sat.)

Pacific Hoseflex Chemical Composite Hose - 900HD PTFE

Size Available: 3/4’’ – 12’’. Temperature: -40°C +125°C. Composite Hose – 900HD PTFE Use: Designed for very aggressive chemicals. It is used in such appliions as transfer of all the Chlorine derivates, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric and Sulphuric acid. Heavy Duty construction, can be used in general for the most arduous Industrial and Marine

Flexible Hose - Sulphuric Acid

Braided stainless outer coverings provide the necessary protection from abrasion and provide sufficient resistant to all concentrations of sulphuric acid. The lining material will depend on the concentration and temperature of the acid being handled. In most cases, temperatures will be aient up to a maximum of 40°C. Liner Materials

HOSE SELECTION BY FLUID - 100R1/2/13/16/17

HOSE SELECTION BY FLUID - 100R1/2/13/16/17 1. Resistance Rating Key Final selection of the proper hose type, seal, or material of metal components is further dependent on many factors including pressure, fluid, and aient temperature. 2. Hose Types Sulfuric Acid T Toluene Trichloroethylene V Vinegar W

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Acid & Chemical Hoses. Acid and chemical hoses must be highly protective for materials, equipment and the environment. Custom Advanced carries a variety of chemical hose and acid hose options. Chemical Hoses we offer: E.P.D.M. Multipurpose flexible chemical acid conducting hoses are mainly for chemical, paper industries, agricultural purposes

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18/7/2017· The force of the surge caused the unsecured outlet hose to k ick back and bounce out of the tote. Sulfuric acid sprayed uncontrollably over t he job loion, contacting Employee #1 and his supervisor. Acid leaked through the open sides of the protective hood that Employee #1 was wearing, which caused him to panic and remove his respirator mask.

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Mixing sulfuric acid (96%) in equal portions with any of the following substances in a closed container caused the temperature and pressure to increase: acetonitrile, acrolein, 2-aminoethanol, ammonium hydroxide (28%), aniline, n-butyraldehyde, chlorosulfonic acid, ethylene diamine, ethyleneimine, epichlorohydrin, ethylene cyanohydrin, hydrochloric acid (36%), hydrofluoric acid …

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Hydrochloric acid, all Naphthalene G G concentrations G G Nickel salts G G Hydrochloric acid gas, Nitric acid, 25% G G (dry and moist) G G Nitric acid, 50% F F Hydrocyanic acid G G Nitrobenzene G G Hydrofluoric acid, 40% G G o-Nitrotoluene G G Hydrofluoric acid, 70% G G Nitrous gases G G

Chemical Compatibility of the Tubing Materials

Chemical Compatibility of the Tubing Materials Name Tygon LFL Tygon ST R-3603 PharMed Tygon HC F-4040-A Tygon MH 2075 Tygon SI Silicone Platinum Silicone Peroxide Norprene A-60-G Flurane F-5500-A Hydrobromic Acid, 20-50% in w 1 1 4 1 1 4 4 4 1. Name Tygon LFL Tygon ST R-3603 PharMed Tygon HC F-4040-A Tygon MH 2075 Tygon SI Silicone Platinum

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Hydrochloric Acid is a highly corrosive and hazardous chemical and should be handled with extreme care. Personnel should be properly trained in the handling of hydrochloric acid and should always wear the proper protective equipment when working around hydrochloric acid. All users should read the Material Safety Data

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multipurpose hose material for sulfuric acid. Acid-Chemical Hose Mustang® | Dakota Fluid Power GHC-6219 101 Mustang® 45HW (Specifiion 4695/4695G) Black Cover (4695) RECOMMENDED FOR: For appliions requiring greater than 90% sulfuric acid …

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RECOMMENDED FOR: For appliions requiring greater than 90% sulfuric acid contact Denver Product Appliion (303) 744-5070. Tank truck, barge, ship, or storage tank transfer of a variety of chemical products. Mustang contains a wire helix for full suction capability, as well as for routing hoses through tight bends.

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However, for some chemicals (such as Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Sulfuric Acid), HAKKO KY Series are better than HAKKO Flexible Fluorine Resin Hose Series. This is because these chemicals are highly volatile, affecting the outer layer.

China Acid Chemical Hose Manufacturers and Factory

The company develops and sells composite hoses to chemicalmainly used for corrosive chemicals, such as chlorine, sulfuric acid, Aflex hoses are perfectly designed to transfer delie Hastelloy C276 braid is used when chemicals (such as hydrochloric acid in Oril Industrie) produce severe corrosive conditions.

super high pressure hose material for sulfuric acid

super high pressure hose material for sulfuric acid The Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid and Superphosphate Figure 3 – Vapour pressure above sulfuric acid As well as being used in the manufacture of superphosphate, sulfuric acid is transported by road tanker to IChem Ltd, Morrinsville, where it is used in the manufacture of aluminium salts (see article).

Table of fitting material chemical resistance - Tubes

HOSES AND FITTINGS FOR INDUSTRY. The table of chemical resistance is a guide to the initial selection of fitting and coupling material suitable for given operating conditions. Please contact Sales or Technical Department of TUBES INTERNATIONAL® to match the fitting material correctly with the appliion. The characteristics given in the table

Silicone Coolant Hose, Hose Tube Material Silicone, Hose

Item Silicone Coolant Hose; Hose Inside Dia. 2 3/4 in Hose Length 36 in; Hose Style Straight; Hose Color Blue; Hose Tube Material Silicone; Hose Cover Material Silicone; Max. Working Pressure @ 70 F 29 psi; Temp. Range-65 Degrees to 350 Degrees F; Standards SAE J20 RL CLASS A; Hose Configuration Bulk Hose; Hose Elbow Angle 0 Degrees; Compatible Chemicals Air, Antifreeze …

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1/8/2019· The common acids include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid and citric acid (Rajapaksha et al., 2016). The modifiion of reed-derived biochar by 1 M hydrochloric acid effectively decreased the content of ash from 29.5% to 11.8%, and provided the hydrophobic adsorption sites for the adsorption of pentachlorophenol ( Peng et al., 2016 ).

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